Qualification system for leisure sport events

Quality assurance of leisure sport and other events with the ABOVE THE BAR®

complex event qualification system

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For Event Organizers

Companies, municipalities, NGOs and individuals organizing leisure sport and other events. Make your event distinct from all the others!

For Event Providers

Providers and companies participating in the implementation of leisure sport and other events. Find the qualified events for your services!

For Sponsors

Supporters and sponsors of leisure sport and other events to check the preparedness of the event organizers based on their ratings. Be a sponsor of a qualified event!

Event recommendations

ABOVE THE BAR® - Guarantee of quality

What can you gain from rating your event, and what can you miss by not doing so?

"ABOVE THE BAR®" Qualification System primarily aims at developing the professional level of leisure sport and other events, guaranteeing proper quality in order to ensure that participants attending the events spend their free time under well organized conditions: so that the "ABOVE THE BAR®" qualification is the guarantee of high quality for them. 

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